Friday, March 09, 2007

So.. your kid is an Honor Student? My daughter can FLY! Check it out.

This was a great week for M-- she doesn't know it now, but she actually failed at something YEE HAW!

She can no longer receive a trophy/award for getting all As throughout Middle School. What's worse, she can't wear JEANS to school (they have a dress code) because she will not get a Platinum Card.

She cried! But I say, You Go Girl! After all, look how many times the Wright Brothers crashed before they could fly. (I don't know how many, but lots). I'm convinced failure is the way to go.

So, I failed to continue this Blog after my Sabbatical ended. (Not like anyone but me read it anyhoo!) Now, I shall try once again.

I have heard it said that Ministry is Failure. I know mine is. Sometimes I feel as if all of the efforts I expend, the words I carefully choose, the hours and days of thinking about nothing but the church, all fall upon ears that are, well, not deaf, but too busy, distracted, too sure of other things. And I get to feeling like a Big Failure. But if I were not willing to experience the ongoing failure of ministry, there would not be those incredible moments of success.. like just this week when a woman wrote to me that something she read in my column (It was a quote from 12 step programs... "Don't give up just before the Miracle occurs") kept her going through the year or more of waiting for her adopted daughter from China. That made ME feel like flying. It's all I need to keep me going for a long time. We ministers are easy to please!