Friday, November 04, 2005

RITALIN makes me furious!

Why do people think it's OK to drug kids?
I am currently working on a novel about a young family, and the little boy, modeled after my own son (now grown) is what might be called hyperactive. He's high energy and demanding.
I remember that one of my son's teachers suggested he get tested for ADD (it was a new idea then), but THANK GOD I had the presence of mind to ignore her.
What I did have to do was expend a good deal more energy, time, and patience with him than with my older, easier son. He became an honor student and had no significant problems throughout his school years.
People now just take drugging kids for granted! Do you know that about 10% of kids in schools are on drugs for ADD/ADHD?
Matthew Fox (Creativity) says that what we have is actually an Imagination Deficit Disorder, and I agree. On Ritalin and "ADD," he says:
"...we have in America the perverse situation wherein adults are drugging our children so they will sit still in the classroom. Adults are reaping great financial rewards by doing so."
Is anybody else alarmed by this?

Here's a website that has quite a few links to articles and reports on Ritalin: <>