Thursday, March 12, 2009

Send Poems... c/o ME!

Lynne sent this poem she'd written awhile back after the viewing last night.

I love when people send poems. They are the nicest gifts!


A contemplative service
Accented at intervals by a single chimed note

Pray for us
Come Creator, Spirit come
So we sang

People quietly spoke as they offered names for prayer
Friends, family, our legislative leaders
Come O Spirit, light of hearts

Work came to mind
I was silent as I thought of those whose recent lives were shattered by my words
Malignancy, cancer
I see what happens
Eyes averted, their head turns
Trying not to show emotion
But I see the fear in their eyes
The ache in the hearts of those who love them

I cried
What can I offer up in prayer?
Not the hope they so want
There will be no cure on the physical plane
I watched the healing, laying on of hands
A spiritual balm for those that came forward
I was moved

I prayed
May some semblance of peace come
To sooth the pain
The knowledge
That life, as they have known it, has an end in sight
May their memories be strong and good
And sustain those loved ones left behind

I feel a calm
Emotions in myself, so often shielded
Let loose for these short moments
Cathartic in release.

Lynne Pharis