Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't Kid Yourself.

Does anyone else listen to conservative talk radio? Can't do Limbaugh, but here in KY the local AM station is enuf.

I can not believe how many people **think** that racism is now a thing of the past. Now that we have an African American president, these whiners and victims are going to have to "get over it," because this PROVES racism is done with. What??!!

Then tell me something: why is a Black colleague of mine a bit fearful to visit my farm in a rural county just one hour from Lexington? We all laughed about this, but his words struck me, and stayed with me all day. That fear is real, is logical, and is utterly honest.

What about sexism?

You might think that one's been solved, too. But listening to Elizabeth Edwards tell the story of her husband's infidelity, here was my thought: this still happens to way too many women. Sure, women cheat, too, but let's line up the women in positions of authority who sneak around, lie, and humiliate their spouses with the men who do. It just seems as if men, not all, but way too many, get a pass in our society for cheating. Why, in 2009, are things still so unequal??

Homophobia a distant memory? Good Lord, no! If anything, it's growing amidst the Joe Kentuckys, in response to the number of states that permit gay marriage. The whole ugly ball of yarn is tangled up in the current kerfluffle over Miss California and her anti-gay marriage "opinion." She represents white, heterosexist, male-oriented culture so well.

If you happen to live in Berkeley or Denver or Portland, don't kid yourself. Hate & fear are alive and well.