Sunday, January 13, 2008

loser, boozer, snoozer, or blues-er?

what's a blueser? zoltan knows--he made it up. Zoltan's the teacher in our partner village in Nyomat (Romania). It means someone who loves the blues! Passionate! It came to me as I was planning a guided meditation for today's service. The sermon was called Bible of the Blues.. and all week I was listening to everything from Robert Johnson to Nirvana. My daughter could not figure out why her dad and I were having so much fun wailing the Allman Brothers' Tied to the Whipping Post (try it; it's very gratifying, and confuses teenagers). I decided to use the crossroads story (you know, the one where Robert Johnson traded his soul to the Devil for his musical talent) and expand the metaphor.

The story might leave one thinking there are two ways you can go at the cossroads, back or forward. In fact, at any crossroads, there are 4 ways to go. Right? I mean, correct? And here's what I decided. At the crossroads, there's a choice to be made. A decision. Something has happened that has provided new information. You can:

* go back and pretend you never saw the crossroads (snoozer, because you'll never know )
* go back, and refuse to change, even though you know more (Loser, because you'll never grow)
* go forward & deal with the new knowledge recklessly (boozer)
* go forward and deal with the crossroads experience by becoming more authentic, more courageous, more YOU (blues-er)

I made it all up but I like it. What will it be: blues-er, boozer, loser, or snoozer? You be the chooser.