Thursday, October 22, 2009

HEALTH (Do they really) CARE?

At least Allen Grayson tells the truth.

He is the Congressman who is getting quite a bit of flack for his very outspoken criticism of Republicans. He has become the new darling of the left wing  Democrats. I think he is going to go a bit too far (I just heard him call a Republican on a talk show a vampire and ask whether he had turned into a bat and flown away) and that he's going to end up getting skewered. But I still find him refreshing. I love truth-telling, and I hate deception. There is way too much soft-pedaling and political double talk going on in this health care debate.

One begins to wonder whether any of the politicians we've elected really care, or whether they are just posturing.

That's why I think this website that Allen Grayson has created is very cool. He just announced it. People can go there and send in the names, statistics, and stories of loved ones who have died because they did not have health care.

Naming names is an ancient religious act, and so is prophetic witness. It's about time for more prophetic and less pathetic.