Tuesday, December 08, 2009

No mas muertes


Seems as if the news media have picked up, big time, on the story of Walt Staton, a UU from Arizona,who is studying for the ministry. Perhaps the very wide and sympathetic exposure to the inane idea that he might be sentenced to prison for "littering," leaving water in the desert for migrants who might otherwise die, will bring attention to this humanitarian crisis. Wish I had thought of him when I was putting my ideas together for a sermon on self -differentiation. I will post the sermon tomorrow. And here is a sermon from our own Heather Carpenter on her experiences with No More Deaths and in the borderlands:


Meanwhile, none of the broadcasts I have seen mention that he is a UU, studying for the UU ministry, or that "No More Deaths" is a ministry of the Tucson Unitarian church! So, I thought I would let y'all know. Prayers for Walt and all who wander.