Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Things & people that make life worth living #2: Small Banks (like Bank of the Bluegrass)

I have been telling people about my bank for 5 or 6 years now.. it's very small-- just two offices, and ATMs in the local Shell Stations. It happens to be our church's bank, too; that's how I discovered how incredibly kind, personal, and personable they are. Having tellers know you, light up when they see you, and help you joyfully rather than ignore or shrug off your concerns is a source of delight to me after all these years. Heretofore, we banked with National City, and whenever we got close to being overdrawn, they (like many banks) would deduct the largest debit first, so that rather than one overdraft, we'd have 4 or 5. No one knew us, and no one cared when we split. But I agree with the Huffington Post and others who are advocating this simple method of changing things -- if hundreds of thousands switch to small, local banks, the big ones will  care!

Check out the video and the list of banks near you that make the cut!

I also love my bank's Mission Statement. Here it is:

We operate our bank for a fair return to our stockholders. Our plan is to deserve the profit because we deliver a quality personal service our clients deserve and want.

Our guidelines for this service:

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."




Patience - Understanding

Immediate action

Go the extra mile


Spirit of friendliness and teamwork

Responsiveness to needs

Knowledge of products

Know our clients by name

Keep a sense of humor

We believe that by carrying out this mission each and every day, we will reach our primary goal: to remain an independent bank.

They don't just say these things.. they do them! Makes living a little more worthwhile.