Saturday, January 02, 2010

Things that make life worth living: Katrina Volunteers

Who could have dreamed of all of the thousands of miracles that would come in the wake of the biggest natural disaster of the decade (in the US)... tens of thousands of lives changed.. not only those who survived and overcame the effects of the disaster, but all of those who were blessed to be a part of the recovery? It continues still! Our church has traveled for three Christmas vacations now to Biloxi, MS, there to work with an agency that was born after Katrina:

We've built homes and much more: made friends, learned oodles about economic racism and environmental disasters and socioeconomics, taken exchange students from all over the world, built community among our own congregants, and shared our work with the congregation through reports, blogs, photographs, and stories. They, in turn, have generously funded our trips! For sure, people are still suffering from Katrina, and some of the roots of disaster have yet to be addressed, but that does not diminish the wellspring of joy and connection that has come from an event of destruction.

Our own church web site has a page on this year's project. 09-10 Volunteers return tonight!