Friday, January 01, 2010

Things & People That make Life Worth Living: Sasha Obama

All kids are not cute!

I am a kid-lover, but some children are downright unappealing. That seems to have been the case with many of the first-family children over the decades of my life, possible exception being the Kennedy children. The Obama girls, it goes without saying, are darling! They are adorable not only because they have the genetic good looks of their parents, or the grace and bearing that was probably instilled in them by their grandmother, but in the case of Sasha especially,because she is so damn genuine.

Malia, a bit older, and growing like a tree, has some of the her mother's seriousness and intensity. Sasha is impish and delightful, with that same mischevious glint we sometimes detect in her father. I love her! Just can't get enough of the photos of that girl.

May she remain as spontaneous and natural and wholesome as she is today! May the cruelty and envy faced by all in the spotlight not leave her bitter, but make her stronger and stronger. May she become exactly whatever she is most suited to be:  farmer, a politician, an athlete, an inventor or a homemaker!