Tuesday, February 12, 2008

... so much for "new games"...

Maybe we UU types are just a little more competitive than we let on. Can't help noticing all the
lobbying for blog awards... I know, it's all in jest, but hey, let's admit that a little knock down drag out competition is fun sometimes. And... motivational. I couldn't get up much enthusiasm for keeping this blog going when only a few folks were reading it. But I shall be the first to admit that I love it when my blog floats to the top of the DiscoverUU list, so I post more frequently. There's nothing like knowing that a colleague is coming to your worship service to get you preaching at your best. And hey... those check-ins at clergy retreats? Come on, y'all, everybody's kids can not be doing THAT well.

We are all prone to one-upmanship. And something about the minister-biz feeds that. The congregations rate our sermons and look at upcoming services as if they are members of the Academy cruising for Oscar winners. The whole candidating process is so much like a dating game that some of us would rather stay where we are forever than get out there and be compared, judged, and analyzed on our fancy tap dances or our fancy schmancy packets.

I remember the first time I worked with youth and we used the NEW GAMES book. It's cool that UUs believe in cooperation and stuff. But sometimes I just want to have contests for who attends church the most, or start a volleyball team and challenge the Baptists, or publish everybody's pledges so theycan see who is on top.

I'm from New Jersey and we thrive on competition. Think Philadelphia sports fans. I love to argue. My husband once said, "That's not a conversation, it's a competition." I don't gamble, I don't play sports, and I have never played a computer game or video game, but I can be viscious about Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit and I used to be a mean ping pong player.

I know I am competitive. I love to win. And my M.O. has been that if I can't win, I don't play. I'll be working on that.. but meanwhile, I'm going to start figuring out how to make my blog cool so I can be in the Blog awards next year!