Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Write LOVE on your arm...

It came up as a group on facebook. Three hundred thousand people are taking part: young people mostly, but some old folks (for example, me), who agree that this time of year, and Valentine's Day especially, is very hard for depressed and suicidal people.The group urges everyone to write the word "love" on their arms, and, when asked, to explain about suicide prevention, about the group, and ask in turn to write "love" on their arm.

My daughter and I took part in the suggested ritual. Unfotunately, it was a snow day, so were at home until noon, and then we had to wear long sleeves.

So.. I am sharing a picture. Maybe Love is the Movement can help you or someone you know. It can't hurt. Oh... Duchess is talking part, too. Reminds me that a good dog can help get you through a bad depression.