Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Witch Has a Party for Dorothy!

... you KNOW your friends are cool when they put together a birthday party based upon your favorite story... The Wizard of OZ.
It was planned by my 14 year old daughter who was every bit as stressed as I usually am when I entertain, while I rolled in after 24 hours at my farm.
Hurry up!You have 5 minutes to dress up like Dorothy, the wicked witch with icing all over her fingers commanded me. Then the rainbow & Glinda arrived.
Our huge dog Duchess (NOT Toto) escaped her confinement and ran across the yellow brick road, tearing it up. The cat finished it off. The Wicked soundrack wouldn't play, so we had to listen to hip hop and do the solja boy dance... again. Marjorie forgot that it was cream cheese I usually color green for tea sandwiches, and she made green tuna fish.
Last year I had a kids only party that I planned myself. This year it was cool women & their daughters.
I'm not sure when I will let men back in. They kind of spoil the party.