Monday, March 03, 2008


I Love UU kids' names! They are so amazingly creative and expressive. In our own congregation we have Echo, Willow, Ishan, Malik, Zebulun, Bahni, Neileasha, Weston, Gethan, Daghain, Rique, Kirkland, McAuley, Oliver, Jules, Sarita, Zoe, Micah, seveal Elis and two Gareths.

In the picture, Cheyenne is lighting the chalice at the Inaugural Service of the Frankfort UU Community along with Liam.

They just keep coming! This week, a new family arrived with a baby named "Nia."

I believe that UU parents bless their kids with unique names, because they want to make s strong statement that each child is unique.

One of my student friends at UK, a young Black woman named Kimber, wrote one day on her facebook: I am the living dream of my ancestors.

She is, too. And so is every child.

But here's the best one yet: two weeks ago, a baby named Liberty visited our church with her parents.

Maybe we are coming out of a long tunnel of fear and disillusionment, and the names of babies being born show that. Maybe we as a people are becoming unafraid to dream of Liberty.What a beautiful idea!

I hope it is so.