Friday, March 14, 2008

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"I Just LOVE Kentucky! "

I spent a whole day thinking about how selfish people are. And mean! Mean-spirited, y'know? Tight-fisted, and .... stingy!

I decided to write my blog on the subject.

But then G.O.D. reminded me... I could write instead about how generous some people are. I could write about blessings instead of curses.

Here's one way to look at my chosen home... Kentucky. People stand up when they hear this song. And, they cry. It's kind of racist, though. I wonder what the young Black men in the video are thinking. I have mixed feelings about the song. After all, the original line was "all the darkies are gay." And, did you know that UK was like the last university to integrate their basketball team?

You gotta love it, though... what other state had someone named "Happy" as a governor? And he def. sings better than Bush!

Now here's another view of Kentucky. It's a wonderful place to live. It's beautiful, but mostly it's the people I love. They are amazing. I wasn't born here, but I'm going to die here.

Thomas Merton... Nappy Roots... Wendell Berry..... Adolph Rupp.... Ashley Judd... & me. Did I mention George Clooney?

I forgot about how selfish some people are. I live in a place where most people are generous with their smiles, their friendliness, and their time.

It's a blessing we woke up this morning, y'all.