Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Da Club wit God in the mix

Warning: please do not watch this if you are offended easily.

Confession: I like hip-hop. I wish there had been hip hop when I was a teenager. I feel like I would have had so much more... fun! When I think about the way we danced in 1973, it was kind of stiff and...very.... caucasian.

Most hip hop artists are Black, but hip hop fans are about equal Black & White, and almost every race, ethnicity, and religion in the world now has some form of hip hop. Even youth in Burma are using rap & hip hop to express themselves.

This video, which features a very gangsta- type rapper, 50 Cent, fascinates me. I just sit there and stare at it. I feel like I'll be skewered for saying this, but I actually like the song, even though I don't agree with the lyrics. The video is definitely sexist, and hints at violence, but its way better than some other rap videos I have seen. I love listening to hip hop. It makes me feel like dancing, but usually I don't because it would humiliate my children, and, anyway, my knee is shot (one year, eleven months & counting till knee replacement!)And, it's more honest than most churches, 99% of politicians, and 3/4 of the people I know. "I'm into having sex, ain't into making love," is so not politically correct, but it is the way many people feel at various times in their maturity & life cycle. It's kind of brutally honest.

I just have two questions: who would want Eminem to be doing experimental surgery on them (sorry, I don't know who the other guy is, but I'm sure someone will tell me), and why does 50 Cent need to have a legal tablet & read the lyrics while he's recording? I already know almost all of the lyrics & I am old & out of it.

Confession #2: I miss God. I don't think I ever really believed in a God, but I have at times believed in G.O.D. Just this morning I took my son to work, and he put a hip-hop station on. After I dropped him off, the announcer started talking about his relationship with God. I was entranced. I sat there in the 20 degree weather in the car, and cried. He said, "you got to have God in the mix." He spoke about how his plans always led him to the wrong places, but how, when he turned his life over to God, God took him in such a different/better direction. I am not so sure I believe in anything some days, but I like thinking about Providence. I could choose to believe that G.O.D./Providence/Grace has saved my son(s) from certain death, restored all of us to sanity, and given me strength to carry on. I don't mean that some "God" personally is managing our lives. NONONO! It's just that sometimes undeserved good comes, along with a great deal of undeserved trouble. So, maybe it's just randomness, or the law of averages. But maybe it is Grace. All I know is that it wasn't by my will, or their plans. The announcer said, write it down: God is great. There. I wrote it down! Skewer away!