Friday, March 07, 2008


... yes, I really wore this shirt to Southland Christian Church, when I attended the Dave Ramsey Live event last night.

But I wore it under a button-up oxford shirt & a jean jacket. It was supposed to be a joke for the other UUs I attended with, but, like so many "it's just a joke" statements, it masked some serious issues. Of mine.

More on Dave Ramsey later! I want to blog about WHY AREN'T UU churches teaching Financial Peace (because I see only one reason.. it's Christian) .. but it's now or never if I plan to get to Innisfree today. It's already snowing (are you jealous yet? The farm in snow!! NO phone! No email! No WORK!) and I have an hour's drive.

I should have worn something to camoflauge the big chip on my shoulder going into Southland. No one hit me over the head with crosses, or Bibles, and the 3,000 people gathered appeared to include all sorts of folks. I learned about more than Financial Peace.

The mega church way is NOT my way, but it's the way for many, many people. I don't have to be so judgmental. At least, not about that. There are far worse things for me to shine my prophetic light upon. And my passive-agressive T shirt is.. well, I still think it's cute. Duchess my goddess, I mean doggess, does too. Teehee!