Monday, March 10, 2008


Some of our teens who spent winter break in Biloxi building a house for Katrina victims.

I know there is supposed to be some controversy over funding of YRUU, but down here in Kentucky, it doesn't have much relevance to what we are about.

I don't think my bright, energetic, very committed Unitarian Universalist daughter could even tell you what YRUU is.

Nor, for that matter, could most of the High School age youth at our congregation.

I know that YRUU has worked mightily to overcome the culture that led folks like me to be disinclined to recommend its gatherings to youth in the congregation, far less my precious daughter. And I respect that. But I am beinning to wonder whether some things can be overcome.

Without any prompting from yours truly, she has come to the conclusion, via her powers of observation, reason, and intelligence, that the kids who come to Sunday morning HS RE, the kids who have time to go to "cons," and the kids who appear to have claimed the UU Youth territory, are some combination of the following: artsy (attend creative arts school); homeschooled; "emo"; or "goth." (If you don't get the last two, ask a youth). None of these things are bad or wrong: indeed these are great kids, wonderful kids. I'm guessing some of them need UU stuff more than she since they don't have as many other affinity groups. But does it follow that she doesn't need it?

Yesterday she stayed in church for the sermon. I didn't realize it until half-way through, and when I asked her, she simply stated she didn't want to go to HS RE and listen to the same thing one more time. At 14, she chose worship even with MOM doing the preaching! Maybe she'd rather be at home~ but if you read my recent posts, you know that ain't an option.

She's not alone. Almost all of the kids in our church who are involved in academics, sports, theatre & music programs either do not go to high school RE or GO TO OTHER CHUCHES!

This makes me angry, and sad. Something's wrong, and pushing YRUU and/or "cons" (maybe we should pick a new word.. one that doesn't sound like prison inmates??) harder is not going to fix it. Something has to change, and better minds and younger spirits than I will have to change it. We might start by paying YOUNG, SAVVY, clean-living, respectful and respectable youth leaders. Like the churches all of my daughter's friends flock to & try to recruit her to. You can't keep doing the same things & expect to get different results.